Dedicated to the 100 million victims of communism worldwide.
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National Exhibit
National Exhibit
Armando Valladares

Armando Valladares, born 1937, poet and writer, was incarcerated as a political prisoner in 1960 by Fidel Castro. He spent 22 years in Cuba’s inhumane prisons and faced daily tortures, solitary confinement, and forced labor. His case attracted international attention as exemplary of the brutal repression of the Castro regime, including a plea for his release by French President François Mitterrand.

Valladares was freed in 1982 and immediately moved to the U.S. where he wrote his powerful memoir, Against All Hope: A Memoir of Life in Castro’s Gulag (1986). Appointed U.S. head of delegation to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, Valladares focused attention on the horrors of the Cuban prison system.

He co-founded Resistance International, which fights for freedom for political prisoners, participates on the international council of the Human Rights Foundation, and is currently chairman of the Valladares Project, an international children’s rights advocacy nonprofit. President Ronald Reagan awarded him the U.S.’s second highest civilian award, the Presidential Citizen’s Medal for his work for freedom for political prisoners.

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Location:  Caribbean
Capital:  Havana
Communist Rule:  January 1959-Current
Victims of Communism:
73 000