Dedicated to the 100 million victims of communism worldwide.
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National Exhibit
National Exhibit
Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro Ruz was born in 1926 to a Spanish immigrant sugar farmer and his Cuban consort. As a young lawyer, he emerged in the 1950s as an opponent of Cuba’s dictator Fulgencio Batista. With a small group of revolutionaries, in 1953 Castro organized a bold attack on the Moncada military Barracks in Santiago de Cuba. The attack failed but Castro’s trial made him a figure of national importance.
Ernesto “Che” Guevara
Ernesto “Che” Guevara, [1928 - 1967], was born in Argentina and trained as a medical doctor. Guevara became involved in politics in turbulent Guatemala in the 1950s and joined the Castro brothers in Mexico in 1955. He landed with the Castro brothers in Cuba in late 1956. In the guerrilla campaign, Guevara earned a reputation as a capable but ruthless commander.
Raul Castro Ruz
Raul Castro Ruz, born 1931, has lived long in the shadow of brother Fidel. Raul joined Fidel in the attack on the Moncada barracks and spent nearly two years in prison. He commanded a guerrilla column in the campaign against Batista. Raul’s conversion to Marxist-Leninist ideology appears to have preceded that of Fidel and for decades Raul was considered a hard-line communist.
Armando Valladares
Armando Valladares, born 1937, poet and writer, was incarcerated as a political prisoner in 1960 by Fidel Castro. He spent 22 years in Cuba’s inhumane prisons and faced daily tortures, solitary confinement, and forced labor.
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Location:  Caribbean
Capital:  Havana
Communist Rule:  January 1959-Current
Victims of Communism:
73 000